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Birmingham SEO

Webology LLC specializes in Search Engine Optimization with a focus on Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas. SEO is simply the work required to rank a website higher in Google or Bing. Higher ranked sites get more traffic. If those sites are designed correctly, that traffic turns into quality leads. Some of those leads become paying customers. That’s our goal. We help you increase revenue through online marketing.Webology takes a systematic approach to SEO. We start with the basics and build on a strong foundation of responsive design and quality content. Our clients come from many different industries since almost any business can benefit from online marketing. What makes us stand apart from the competition? It’s all in the title of this page. Birmingham SEO! We’re not from out of state, so we know the local market. We understand what works and what doesn’t in Birmingham. I personally meet with dozens of business owners around town each week. The universal response I get from almost everyone is that, “being on top of Google matters”. Webology is here to help Birmingham businesses develop a sound SEO strategy.

Our Approach to SEO

At Webology, we stay up-to-date with the latest trends and algorithm changes from Google and Bing. We provide content generation and blogging service. Or we can work to optimize your existing Birmingham SEO focused content. Our keyword analysis allows us to target niche search results your competition might overlook. We even take care of the little details like robots.txt optimization and canonical issue fixing so you don’t have to sweat little details.

SEO Ethics

I believe in focusing on long term gains for my clients instead of quick but short-lived results. As such, we do not engage in any Black Hat SEO or other unethical practices. Many firms do, and they make promises to rank your site on page one in a few weeks. Unfortunately, for victims of those companies, Google has learned many Black Hat techniques like robotic link building. They will penalize your site for up to six months if your SEO consultant is caught gaming the system. So, we stay away from those tactics because I don’t want my clients to risk losing their websites for half a year!Often, doing SEO right means we have to work for a few months before we see any tangible results. However, we track our results all through that build-up phase and provide our clients with a detailed monthly report. Generally, by the 4-6th month we are getting traction with our efforts. Expect the phone to start ringing and the contact request e-mails to filter in around that time in the process. Beyond that, our efforts just continue to build value for you. We start adjusting our strategies and looking for more long-tail keywords to rank your site on. The focus is on finding quality leads over quantity. We do that by careful keyword selection and location targeting.

Some SEO Facts

  1. Smartphones Dominate: 41% of those surveyed listed the phone as their most important device.
  2. Most people ignore paid ads in favor of organic search results
  3. Over 85% of all traffic is on the first page, if not more

So, what does this mean for your business? For starters, if your site is not mobile friendly, don’t expect to see much action. Getting a mobile-friendly site in 2017 is easy. It’s almost as easy as catching a roll at Lambert’s, when you work with an outstanding web development firm. Make sure your site works on mobile before you move on to other marketing tasks. Speaking of marketing, it never ceases to amaze me how many people I run into who jump into AdWords without doing any research or SEO work.AdWords is the paid advertising you see on Google. Remember that in #2 we said most people ignore these ads? It’s been proven in multiple case studies. I only recommend AdWords to clients who are willing to do SEO first, and then let us do the research necessary to optimize their ad budget. Without proper research, AdWords can be very unfocused. You might get good conversions, or you might be targeting the wrong words. Doing AdWords on your own is like tuning into the weather channel to see where a tornado is. They might have the general location, but they aren’t going to tell you exact street names in rural Walker County. For that, you need to be listening to James Spann!

The same applies to AdWords. You need a local expert to get an exact bearing on things. Often business don’t hit their target with AdWords because they didn’t work with an online marketing expert to pick the right keywords.

Dominate the Organic Rankings

Page one organic results is where most of the business takes place online. Just like the SEC always has and always will dominate College Football, the top three organic results on page 1 get the lion’s share of all business for a particular keyword. Getting there takes time and effort. Long-gone are the days of throwing up a simple site with a few pages and ranking without any technical SEO. I often run into clients that aren’t getting any business off their website, yet they invested a large amount of their marketing budget towards building a great site. If you want to recoup the cost of that website, you need to make full use of it for lead generation. Getting ranked in Google can bring business into the door. Businesses should invest in SEO so that their website becomes a producing asset instead of just another marketing cost.

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Give us a call at 205-636-2612 to start a Birmingham SEO campaign for your business. Over 85% of US adults use an Internet Search to find a phone number as opposed to a print phone directory. Out of those, about 33% do business with one of the top three organic listings. Could that be your business? Being ranked high in search results is an effective way to turn your website into dollars. How much business are you willing to miss out on? Let us help you reach for a page #1 ranking today.