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Audit your website | see if you’re missing Sales opportunities

Is your website generating qualified leads, or is it just another cost of doing business? We want to help you succeed on the web, and the first step is performing this free site audit.


How Does This Help My Business?


Here’s the secret your web designer probably didn’t tell you about your website. For most businesses, a website is nothing more than a digital brochure. Now what happens to a stack of brochures or business cards if you don’t bother to network and hand them out to prospects?


And the exact same thing applies to an “online brochure” (your website) if you’re not sending relevant traffic there to learn more about your business. A website is just another cost if you’re not leveraging it to grow your business. I don’t know about you, but I prefer onboarding new clients instead of taking on additional expenses. It’s business 101, right? Launching a new website without a traffic generation plan will never bring you the sales results you want, but we can…


Webology’s Marketing Report: Step 1 to Growing Your Business


This report will give you some excellent insight into your existing web presence, but it’s just the first step. You’ll get your report in minutes once you complete the form, but how do you take action? The next step would be to have one of our consultants take a look and present you with a free detailed marketing report. Our analysis will answer questions like:

  • Do site visitors understand your business and how to reach you?
  • Are you optimized to rank well in Google and Bing?
  • What opportunities are you missing?
  • Can you benefit from other digital marketing strategies like Digital Ads & E-Mail Marketing?


and if you’re SUPER-nice, we’ll even treat you to a cup of coffee or lunch so we can go over the report with you in detail.


Webology SEO, LLC. is a premier digital marketing agency located in Birmingham, Alabama. We love sitting down with local businesses to offer free marketing consultations. So, get your report on this page and reach out to (205)607-2078 to schedule your consultation.


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