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Digital marketing can seem a bit confusing. We get it. The world of online marketing is full of confusing terms and acronyms like SEO and SEM.

But all you really want to know is, will my phone ring if I hire your agency to manage our digital? The bottom line. That’s all that really matters, right?

Results matter more than big words and fancy charts. And digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as growing a plant in your garden.

Digital marketing efforts should start small. It’s just like planting a seed in your garden. You need to start with the best website design you can possibly present to the world. Your site is the seed that grows into a full digital presence over time.

It’s also like a business card. Cards aren’t benefiting you if they sit in a drawer. You have to hand them out. The same applies to your digital presence. A great website might as well be collecting dust in the drawer with your business cards if you’re not driving targeted traffic to your site each day.

But how do we get the right traffic to your site so that seed we planted grows?


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Birmingham’s SEO Agency:
Digital Strategies to Grow Sales


So, how do I grow my brand with a solid digital marketing strategy? It’s simple. Just like a plant requires water and sunlight to grow, your brand needs exposure to the right audience if you want to GROW.

In search engine’s like Google, we grow your brand through both paid and organic search marketing.

But just like different plants require different growing conditions, we have to be specific about how we market your brand.

We find the right conditions (keywords) through research. Then we apply those keywords to both paid advertising (AdWords) and organic search results (SEO).


What to Expect in an SEO & SEM
Marketing Campaign


Combining paid and organic search engine marketing into your strategy is like watering and fertilizing a plant. You get better outcomes when you provide both.

The best growing conditions for your brand happen when you have the most exposure on Google possible. Why? Because Google is the homepage of the Internet. It’s where people go to find companies they want to spend money with.

Expect better results if you combine paid and organic marketing. Why? You’ll have a better impression share than your competition. If your brand appears in ads, on the map, and below all that in the “blue links”, your sales grow faster.

SEO and SEM are two of the most effective forms of online advertising because you’re reaching people that are already actively searching for your product or service. You’ve probably done it yourself. You might have been looking for a salon, restaurant, hardware store, or electrician.

You probably went into Google and typed in something like “electrician in Birmingham AL”.

Chances are good, you selected one of the top three listings and called that company.

Doing digital marketing right means that your business appears in those top positions for search phrases related to what you do. SEO and SEM help put you in front of your ideal audience at the right time: when they’re actively looking for someone who does what you do.

Local SEO and AdWords Management

Local SEO might just be the reason you’re reading this right now. If you typed SEO agency in Birmingham, you saw us on the map. We didn’t get there overnight. That’s why AdWords management is very important for your brand.

AdWords is a lead generation tool that can turn on a dime just like a brand new sports car. Are we doing our jobs too good at Webology? Just call us to turn off your ads so you can catch up. Or maybe we’re just getting started and you need to make sales this month. If that’s the case, we can have your campaign running in a few days. Organic ranking in Google takes time and work. It’s the long game. AdWords drives sales RIGHT NOW.

National SEO & AdWords Management

Ranking for national search terms in Google and Bing can be a challenge. Sometimes competition for keywords makes it tough to rank. Here’s what I mean: Everyone sells desktop lamps online. Competition makes it difficult to rank for “desktop lamp” in Google. So, a good national SEO strategy depends on starting out with low competition keywords. These are the less-commonly search phrases that get quality traffic. In some cases, keywords that are less competitive actually convert better. Why? Because they are entered into Google by informed buyers.

With a properly tuned AdWords account, we don’t have to worry about competition as much. We can get your brand national exposure within a few days, and constant monitoring and improvement allows us to get your average cost per click (CPC) much lower than it would be without an agency managing your ad spend. Lower CPC numbers leads to more impressions, clicks, and sales.

Mobile Search Engine Optimization – Getting on the Map!

In 2018, Google started looking at the mobile version of your website first. It’s all in response to user trends. Most people who search for a brand, are using a smartphone. Remember how a digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation of a good website? That same concept applies to how well your site looks on a mobile device.

That’s why we embrace the latest technologies like responsive design and Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) standard. If a keyword has commercial value to your business, you need to be on the map when someone types in that word or phrase.

Voice Search Optimized SEO – Ranking Long-Tail Keywords

What are long-tails? Well, it’s not some rare fish you brag about catching off the Alabama Gulf Coast! Long-tail keywords are search phrases of five or more words. At this point you’re probably wondering why anyone would bother ranking in Google for those, right? After all, no one is going to type in a phrase like “who is the best digital marketing agency in Birmingham AL”.

But voice search is different. More and more people are saying okay Google or Hey Siri instead of typing or tapping. And voice searches tend to have longer phrases. It’s human nature. We like things to be easy, and you can say 10 words with ease instead of typing it all out. It’s better from a relevancy standpoint, because the searcher is going to get very specific results with long-tail search phrases.

From a marketing standpoint, this is an area your business needs to exploit now. For years, SEO agencies have focused on dominating highly-competitive short phrases. But the growing world of voice search is an untapped opportunity for your brand. So far, there’s little competition for these phrases and they work well with local search. It’s a digital marketing gold-rush. Just like the Oregon Trail video game, but without all the dysentery and river crossings.

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Now that you understand our approach a bit better, just what services do we provide? We’re a full service online marketing firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. We do consultation work for clients all over Alabama. So, if you’re in Hoover, Tuscaloosa, Montgomery, or Huntsville give us a call. We love visiting our clients on location to get to know their way of doing business.

That helps us design an online marketing strategy that fits your business goals.

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