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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
is simply the placement and management of ads in Google or Bing search results.

SEM has the advantage of being instant when SEO can take months to show results. With SEM we can literally set a budget, select keywords, and serve your ads to potential customers the next day. We manage Google ads for our clients by tracking the performance of particular search phrases and adjusting our strategy over time. That way, we only spend your ad budget on words or phrases that convert well.

One last word of caution on SEM.

There are a lot of companies out there offering $100 in free AdWords if you start a campaign with them. Just so you know, there’s nothing special about that. We do it too, but it’s not us offering the $100. It’s a Google promotion you get with any Gmail account. Some companies misrepresent the deal from Google as their own offer. Don’t base your decision on the free $100 ad spend. You can do that yourself if you want with a free Gmail account. Find a quality company that’s actually going to communicate with you over time and work to improve your results.