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Social Media Marketing
strategies can be difficult to implement if you’re also focusing on your core business.

Taking time to manage a posting schedule and responding to customers on social channels can be time consuming. We manage social strategies for our clients across all platforms. We can syndicate your blog content, manage organic posts, create videos and infographics, or manage your ad budget.

Most people aren’t aware that Facebook limits the reach of 3rd party software in the organic results. That’s why we like to login to the site and post some of your content there instead of just relying on syndication software. We manage marketing campaigns on social for our clients and help them reach a wide audience through audience targeting.


Go Multi-Channel for Better ROI


One of our favorite strategies is to go beyond Facebook and implement a multi-channel marketing strategy for our clients. We also manage Google Ads, which do convert better on average than Facebook clicks. However, they cost much more than Facebook advertising does, generally speaking.

When we combine the two, it can lead to powerful results. We drive traffic to your site directly from Google where people are actively looking for a brand that does what you do. If they don’t convert immediately, we use a Facebook retargeting pixel to serve ads exclusively to people who recently visited your website. It’s a winning combination that ensures your brand is getting in front of the right prospects multiple times when they are close to making a purchase decision.